These lists kill me because at some point I got old!  Here's some realities about the BSU and College of Idaho's incoming freshman class of 2019 that will make you feel super old.

Beloit College releases these lists of realities every year to help their professors understand and relate to their students better.  Here's some of the highlights from this year's list.

  • Princess Diana, Notorious B.I.G. and Mother Teresa were never alive in their lifetimes
  • Hybrid cars have always been mass produced (The Honda Insight was released in the US in 1999.  The Prius launched the next year.
  • They never had to Ask Jeeves or use Dog Pile to find something online because they've ALWAYS had Google.
  • They've never licked a postage stamp.  They've been self adhesive for their entire life.
  • Access to Wi-Fi has been a norm for them.
  • They've never known a world without Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione.
  • Their mom and dad probably played the NEW Nintendo 64 to get through late nights staying up with baby.

OMG, that last one makes me feel so old because I STILL have my N64 and STILL play Mario Kart on it!  Want to feel REALLY, REALLY old?  Check out the complete list HERE!