We had our friend Ashley, who's partially paralyzed as the result of a texting while driving accident, on the show this morning to talk about an amazing and inspiring event at Urban Ascent this Saturday.

You've probably seen Ashley and her daughter on the anti-texting billboards around town over the past few months or remember her pedaling a bike for the first time since the accident during Live for 175 a few years ago.  She's living proof how quickly your life can forever just by sending a quick text.  5 years ago she was typing a quick "I love you text" to a family member when she veered into oncoming traffic, over corrected and flipped her car into a ditch on HW 55.  Half of her body is paralyzed because of the accident.

Instead of just giving up, Ashley's become an advocate for anti-texting and driving education.  She also enjoys spending time rock climbing with her daughter Valerie.  That's where the idea for "Climbing for Hope" came from.

This Saturday, June 6th, Ashley is holding the event at Urban Ascent for adults with spinal cord injuries and wounded warriors who want to rock climb.  They'll have help from Urban Ascent and Crossfit South Boise and special harnesses to help participants climb.  The event is free for participants and their family. It's from 9-11 AM! Get more details HERE.