I'm a morning person.  I love getting up early and get the day started.  But get between me and my caffeinated beverage?  You better watch out!  That's why I'm pissed this major coffee retailer is raising their prices this morning!

Yesterday, the AP said Starbucks would be raising their prices anywhere between 5 to 20 cents a drink in some areas of the country.  When you say "some areas of the country" and "affects less than 20% of customers" I don't expect Boise to be one of the places the price hike hits...but boy was I wrong!

The Broadway Starbucks is smack dab between my place and the station so I stopped to grab my normal order: a tall non-fat Chai Tea Latte.  Last week that Chai cost me $3.45 (already over priced.)  This morning?  $3.66! 21 cent price difference.

If I were to get a Chai on the way to work every weekday, all year long I'd be spending an extra $55 a year! Ugh.

But like a dummy...I swallowed, paid the higher price and grumpily downed the entire thing on the way to the station.

Did you notice a change in the price of your drink this morning?  What did you order and how much more expensive was it?!