Let's just come clean with the entire "roaming" comment. It's the Treasure Valley that is roaming the Discovery Center to see this T. rex named Sue. I took my wife and son for this amazing experience. Here's what you need to know.

Are you looking for something to do today? I've posted up a few things for adults, but this is a cool exhibit for all ages happening downtown Boise. Let me first warn you it's kind of pricey at $16 for adults and $12 for ages 2 to 17 year's old. That said it's probably worth it for your kid who can do much more than look at some bones!

Growing up a little kid with things like dinosaurs and NASA were just beyond the coolest things in the world. I think a lot of that also has to do with where you're from and what movies are big. I grew up in Houston where the Space Center Houston is. We took field trips here and got to see everything up close and person as a little kid. I remember that's one of the reasons why I wanted to be an astronaut one day (Spoiler alert: I'm not an astronaut.)

I've been living in Boise for almost ten years, and now I have a kid to create experiences with. My wife and I took our son, Lennox to this exhibit and he loved it. The Discovery Center did a great job with how they've kept it very spacious inside with tons of room. We never felt cramped at any point other than the parking lot was full, and we parked at Winco.

The remarkable thing about this exhibit is how it's pretty hard to get bored. This has been particularly significant for ME! #selfless. We walked in to pay which was kind of pricey at $12 for our 2-year 1-month-old son and $16 for adults. Wait, is this spendy? Maybe that is just the price of being a parent, and it's typical.

I thought something extra cool, very local, and hands on were their exhibit built by Micron. They call this, "Take Matter into Your Own Hands!" You take the matter into your own hands as you can see my son Lennox and myself playing gooey slime. The exhibit also lets you test out the ferrofluids, biomimicry, and that gooey slime. We loved this part because it's right when you walk in and our son loved it. I would suggest leaving heals at home; this is a 3000 square foot discovery.

Here's a gallery of our experience and would suggest going. Just remember that price seemed a bit high, but is it? You be the judge. If you have a toddler under two years old, it's free, and the military gets $1 off. If that price is a bit too much especially if you're hosting 3-5 kids, Sunday is about $3 across all ages. Enjoy! Make sure to share your photos with me at @kekeluv on Instagram and Twitter.