Not going to lie, I've seen some less than flattering pictures of myself lately.  I had a knee injury from training for a half marathon and it was recommended that I don't do anything to aggravate it.  Running? Nope. Elliptical? Nope. Biking? Keep it light.  Needless to say, I gained five pounds and I can see it in my arms, legs and new double chin in photos.  I'm relieved that fall is here and fashion will soon turn to jeans, baggy sweaters and scarves that will cover it up the extra weight until I can get back into a workout routine and shed it.

Or...will fashion trend that way?  According to this new commercial, "costume season" now follows "bikini season" and we ladies have to keep in shape to be an attractive nurse, hot devil and sassy teacher.  No eating burgers yet!  SAY WHAT?!

I'm not a prude when it comes to these costumes.  Like I said in my article about the sexy Frozen costumes, I buy something like that every year but I'm just shocked that this restaurant is basically telling women that they better make sure they don't put on weight going into fall so they can look "in shape" for these objectifying outfits.  As a woman, I'm actually a bit offended by this ad.  What about the men?  Why don't you tell the guys wearing a shirtless costume to make sure their summer abs don't turn back into a keg by October 31st?

Check out the ad for yourself and sound off!