Some of the best KISSmas gifts lived online and were available for you Friends With Benefits. I'm a little envious of how incredible the selection was, but I'm also so excited to reveal the winners. 

Each KISSmas gift is ready for Santa's little elves to pick up. That's you, by the way. Each gift has your name on it and is wrapped up all pretty and Christmasy. Open the gift and act surprised, or truly gift it to someone else.

Get ready because all of you winners will be revealed with a top-notch impersonation of a Price is Right showcase announcement.

Ladies and Gentlemen, being part of Friends with Benefits is an offer you can't refuse. We certainly couldn't refuse gifting this very popular Tarte "Life of the Party" pallet fit for a princess. The princess is MaryJane Martinez.

Need to spruce things up underneath those new clothes you just bought for Christmas? Want to get yourself a cute pair of PINK pajama bottoms for the chilly holidays? Well, we have just the offer for you. There were four mini shopping sprees waiting for you. Spend a little money at Victoria's Secret. Maybe try the new store at The Village at Meridian. Juan Hernandez, Candice Johnson, Jeanna Holloway and Page King, let us know what you buy!

Liz Ramanand, The Boombox

Snoop D-o-double-g. Have you always wanted to sing Gin and Juice at the top of your lungs and look around to see all the people you should have invited to your car concerts over the years so they could rap some of the best Snoop songs of all time? This is your moment Sara Barth and Lydia Salas and Vanessa Moreno and Denaye Kharrl.

Gather 'round the sink, my friends and pull up a towel. You're in for several masks that could change the way you see your face. We have one set and fully expect you to tell us that you see your beautiful self like we see you. Sara Moser, you go first. You're the winner.

The holiday season is for baking and cooking and spending time with the ones you love. Funny thing: The ones I love also are part of baking. CHOCOLATE! Great news about cocoa is that it's great for your skin. Rub that brownie batter on your arms and face and see your world change. Okay, so that's not how it really happens but when you have fresh COCOA body exfoliant, expect your new, fresh skin to be gleaming and to smell the most incredible cocoa scent for hours. Aeriel Meza, this one is for you.

If there's ever a product you want but can't buy, it's this Clairsonic Mia 2. That's right, a Clairsonic Mia 2. Scrub your face for a calming, yet exfoliating result. Try to remove makeup or any pollutants as well as this Clairsonic Mia 2. No, don't try it at all - use the Clairsonic. Melissa Mythen, you get your very own!

Have you ever smelled perfume on someone, fallen in love with the scent and then put it on yourself only to discover that it makes you smell like good ol' grandma? There are also the scents that you're not too sure about but when they touch your skin, it can physically turn heads? Finding a perfume is an interesting process (and usually expensive). The Liquid Luxuries allows us to try every high-end perfume, find what works best and then choose the one we want in a full bottle. Are you reading this Danielle Barber? You should be because it's all yours!

That perfect smoky eye is hard to perfect. When you have the Naked Smoky pallet with instructions included, you can't really go wrong. Plus, it's fun to tell people you have the new Naked Smoky pallet. I know I'd shout it from the rooftops. Della Kailiponi, are you ready to shout it? You win!

Congratulations to all of you and thank you so much for being Friends With Benefits. We will continue to post new and amazing gifts online so you have every opportunity to win no matter how you spend your days.

For you KISSmas winners, please feel free to come on by our studio between 8am and 5:30pm weekdays. HERE is where we are. Also, if you have questions, you can email me