There's nothing worse than being at a once in a lifetime event (say your only sister's wedding) and running out of space on your phone for photos and video! Here's a cool trick that will help you clean up space on your phone without having to delete anything!

Thanks to the USA Today, I was able to take my phone from 554 MB available on rehearsal night to 2 GB on wedding day! Here's how it works.

Check Under Settings: You'll be able to scroll down and see just how much space you have available.  If it's not a lot, you're golden to use this trick.

Try To Rent A Movie: Open up the iTunes and try to rent a huge movie! You don't have to worry about spending the $3.99 on it because it won't actually download since you don't have enough space on your phone for it.  I used the Avengers in HD because the file was 6.5 GB.  Go ahead and hit rent twice.  After the spinning wheel does it;s thing, it'll tell you "there is not enough available storage" message to enjoy Iron Man and friends.

Check Your Settings Again:  It'll give you a pop up that gives you an option to click settings again.  When you get back to that screen you'll see that you gained a little storage space! You can repeat this as many times as you want until it'll no longer give you storage.  I was able to get my phone back to 2.0 GB by doing it 6 times, but your results may vary.  This trick only got my sister's friend's phone back to 1 GB.