Have you ever watched a crime stoppers update on tv or that show, America's Most Wanted? Did you know there was a 208's most wanted? Here's part one of this list and hope you don't see yourself!


I going to go out and say this is one list you DON'T want to be on. I could be wrong, but I'm not thinking your momma would be proud to have you representing on the 208's most wanted list. I was asked for some help and here you go.

Ada County Sherriff has a list of kinds of things law related including a most wanted photo gallery with bonds that are upwards to $1,000,000 dollars. People always say how much they love living in the Treasure Valley because of how clean and safe it is. I put a security system in my house and my friends responded with, "Why??? It's Idaho!" You have no idea how many times I have to express my frustrations with my wife regarding locked car doors. I'm ALWAYS opening the doors, taking her purse out, and anything of value in the front seats. You can't tempt a criminal or they will break the law.

Lock your doors when you get in them. Lock your house door and KEEP IT LOCKED! Take out money, change, CDs, purses, and headphones out of the front seats of your car. There is a crazy statistic regarding criminals that are 85% more likely to break into your property if the door is unlocked. LOCK THEM UP!

Here's a gallery below and make sure if you come in contact, DON'T APPROACH. Authorities want you to call if you know the location of the suspects at 208.377.6790. If you want to remain anonymous call 208.343.COPS or 800.222.TIPS. You can also go online to submit a tip at 343cops.com. All photos courtesy of City of Boise and Crimestoppers.