Cruise & Box: Your first kiss in the morning. It's more than just a sticky catch phrase.

Tawsha and I are campaigning to be your favorite morning show in the Treasure Valley. As we hit the campaign trail, we've come up with some initial campaign promises that will give you an idea what to expect from us in the coming years in Boise.

The best part? Unlike the current political circus, our campaign is all positive. Here's what we promise to you (so far):

As our campaign grows and expands, we will continue to make campaign promises to you. Is there something you think we should dedicate ourselves to? Let us know!

  • 1

    Tickets to the Most Concerts

    We promise to give away the most tickets to the most concerts in the Treasure Valley. Even if it's an artist we don't play, we'll still get you hooked up. Dierks Bentley? Maroon 5? WWE? If you need free tickets to live events, we're your show.

  • 2

    Be Where You Are

    We promise to be where you are. Tawsha and I want to be at as many community events as possible. If it's a fundraiser, dance marathon, lemonade stand, we want to be there helping out. We both are 100% invested in Boise, and we want to prove it.

    Janice Morin
  • 3

    Hug Everyone in the Treasure Valley

    We promise to (try to) hug every single person in the Treasure Valley. If you see us out, come get a hug. Straight on hug, side hug, hover hand, we don't care. We love you, we love Boise, and we want to prove it to you.

    Cruise & Box Campaign Hugs - credit: Janice Morin
  • 4

    Help the Treasure Valley

    If it's a fundraiser, charity event, disaster relief, or even a lemonade stand, we want to the morning show that is there when you need us. And we will be.

    103.5 KISS FM's "Friends With Benefit" Team Up With Fleet Feet Meridian For #all4run on National Running Day Image via Fleet Feet Meridian
  • 5

    Get You Backstage AND Tickets to the Show

    We promise that when we send you backstage to a concert, that we'll also get you tickets to said concert. Yes, some radio stations will send you backstage without concert tickets. We won't stand for such injustice.

    Mike Olsen
  • 6

    Make Unemployment Lines Short Again

    We promise to put the Treasure Valley back to work. If it's the upcoming Idaho Career Fair, or a company looking to hire, we want to help Idahoans make the best living possible.

    Justin Sullivan/ Getty Images