Join the movement! Cruise & Box are campaigning to be your "First Kiss in the Morning". We are willing to bribe you with campaign swag, coffee and a trip to Mexico. 

Our hope is that you make Cruise & Box your first kiss in the morning. That you allow us to give you more tickets to more concerts in the Treasure Valley, that you allow us to be where you are and for us to share your passion or mission throughout the community.

In the meantime, let's send you to Mexico.

Caller #9 will get:

  • Cruise & Box "First Kiss in the Morning" campaign mug"
  • Coffee from your favorite Stinker station
  • Potato Ole's from Taco John's're in to win. We want to send you to Riviera Maya, Mexico where you can see Dillon Francis and _________ . Check back tomorrow to see who else will be performing!

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