Cruise & Box are serving you breakfast to help one of our friends who just turned 17 while she was in the hospital at St. Luke's.

Earlier this week, I told you how running has brought life long friends into my world.  When I moved to Boise, I didn't know anyone so I started running again (I'd quit in college) and was logging my miles on a social network for runners.  That's how I met Ryan Anderson and his wife, Michelle.  When you think of people who embody positivity and encouragement, you think of the Andersons.

Image via Ryan Anderson

In July, their daughter Hannah, a student at Mountain View High School, went to a friend's house for a party only to text her mom a short time later asking for a ride home.  She had a headache and was scared. Her parents That wasn't the case.  Within hours Hannah was having surgery to remove blood pooling in her brain.  Hannah was diagnosed with ITP, an immune disease that causes low levels of blood platelets that help your blood clot.  In addition to the bleeding in her brain, her condition also led to bleeding in her lungs.

Image via Ryan Anderson

When I brought the Andersons dinner at the hospital in August, Hannah was in a medically induced coma and breathing with assistance of a ventilator.  A few days later, her family had to make the decision to let surgeons take out her spleen, hoping it would stop her body from destroying her blood platelets.

Hannah still can't speak, but she is awake now and continues to make progress every day.  She's been released from the PICU and will move to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City on Monday.  When she's medically ready, they'll transition her into rehab for physical, occupational and speech therapy.

So where do Cruise & Box come in? Family friends put together a Hannah's Heroes Pancake Breakfast to help the Andersons with medical expenses.  It's on Saturday, October 15th at Mountain View High School from 9 - 11 a.m. Chris & Tawsha will be putting on their aprons to serve you flapjacks!  Put our celebrity servers to work for an amazing cause!