In about a year, Snapchat has turned from an app we didn't talk much about (because of what we were posting) to something we use on the daily. This doesn't mean we always want everyone to see everything we post.

Do you follow us on Snapchat? Find us by username: kissfmboise or scan the image below.

  • 1

    Ghost on Main Screen

    Open Snapchat and get to the main screen with the ghost at the top of the page. Click on that.

  • 2

    Gear for Settings

    Click on the gear icon at the top right side of the screen. The settings screen will pop up.

  • 3

    View My Story

    Look for "Who Can..." option and click on "View My Story"

  • 4

    Custom List

    Find the "Custom" option in "View My Story" and choose who you want to block from seeing your snap. You're welcome. Happy snapping!