Fact: There are 14 bikes that power Live for 175. Fact: It takes almost every bike cycling at the same time to keep the station on the air.  Fact: We don't have enough riders to power the station early Sunday morning...so we want to bribe you!

I had dinner with a friend of mine Thursday night before we kicked off Live for 175.  I was explaining to her that the toughest time for us to fill up bikes was during the overnight hours.  She pointed out that these hours that are the toughest for abused children.  Instead of bonding with their parents before bed or falling asleep to their favorite song or TV show, these kids are crying themselves to sleep terrified of what tomorrow may bring.  That's exactly why it's so important for us to fill our bikes and keep our child abuse prevention message on the air.

So Kekeluv and I decided to reward the heroes that make that happen tonight! Anyone who signs up to ride between 12 AM and 3 AM on Sunday, April 24th will receive a pair of Boise Music Festival tickets.

Click HERE to register!