Confident. Empowered. Self-assured. This is just the beginning of the list of ways to describe the future you. The girls, Michelle Heart and Tawsha Box, are starting a journey (more like a challenge) to learn to love themselves and gain confidence. Each day for 30 days, I'm helping them build themselves into the people they want to become.
Here's the list of daily challenges along this journey! We hope you choose to follow along with them! Post your good moments, your struggles and your progress up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter adding #BetterMeIn30 so we can support each other.
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    Day #1 - Declutter

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    Day #2 - Get a Journal

    Buy yourself a journal to write and reflect about how you're feeling each day of our 30 Day Challenge.  Write down the things you've learned going through the steps.  It'll help you learn a lot about yourself and is great to go back to if you start to fall off the wagon once the challenge is complete.

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    Day #3 - Start A Book

    Start a good book and finish it, eventually.  We know you probably won't have time to read the entire thing this weekend.  There's several books I've seen on Oprah's "Super Soul Sunday" and some parenting books I've been wanting to read.  Michelle admits she's bad at being an adult and has a list of "how-to adult" books she wants to read.  Take some quiet time for yourself to read those books.

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    Day #4 - Find a New Hobby

    Find a new hobby.  Keyword here is new.  Michelle Heart runs. All. The. Time.  She can't pick running as a hobby.  Maybe you've always wanted to try painting, candle making, yoga, etc.  Stop talking about it and be about it.  You've lost touch with yourself so get back in touch by exploring new things you love.

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    Day #5 - Ask A Friend About 3 Things You Can Improve

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    Day #6 - Fill Your Bucket

    Disclaimer: The girls failed at this because they didn't bring their buckets to work.  And Tawsha filled hers up with Candy Corn...

    We talked about "filling your bucket" this morning, so today's challenge is to get a physical bucket and do exactly that.  Fill it up with something: blocks, paper wads, balls etc.  When an interaction with someone makes you feel positive during the day, add another one to the bucket.  If an interaction makes you feel negative take one out and write what that interaction was in your journal.  That way you can start identifying the things in your life that are stealing your joy and confidence.

    You might just be surprised by the number of things impacting your day that are not so important!  Go do it!

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    Day #7 - Who Am I?

    Who are you? No, really. How would others describe you? How would you describe you? Common answers are to say that you're male or female, that you like certain things, that you want to make people happy, etc. That's not what we're looking for in this Day #7 challenge.

    If we are going to learn to love ourselves, to become empowered, to build confidence, to grow - we need to know who we are.

    In this challenge, sit down (whenever you get a moment) and take a look at yourself. Write that down. Dig deep. Discover your feelings, how you present yourself. What I think we will find is that we start to describe the person we want to be. Go with it. Follow that path.

    It's time to get real with who we are so we can become even better as individuals.

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    Day #8 - Face Your Fears

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    Day #9 - Replace Bad Habits

    What are you bad habits?  Smoking?  Throwing your dirty clothes on the floor instead of a hamper? Leaving cheese wrappers in the sink?  Identify your three worst habits and try replacing them with a good habit.  Substitute a healthy snack for a cigarette or just pick up your clothes and take them to the washer.

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    Day #10 - Meditate

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    Day #11 - Random Acts Of Kindness

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    Day #12 - Don't Think or Say Anything Negative About Another Woman

    So often, we let our thoughts turn to the negative - especially when it comes to other women. I don't know if it's a competitive thing or insecurity but we will tend to throw out the negativity and direct it toward another woman. What does that do? It brings negativity to yourself.

    The Day #12 challenge is to put a halt to the negativity on other women. See how it makes you feel.

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