I love to read but the books that "take me away" are usually pretty trashy (or at least, that's what I choose). The ones that teach me are super-nerdy and all about business and strategies. I'm a digital nerd. My challenge to find a book that forced me to combine the two "categories" pushed me to a new level. It's time to face the real me. 

This book was recommended to me not long ago. I don't know if someone was trying to help me or give me a subtle slap in the face. Either way, it's a book I need to read so...here goes.

I took a picture of the author's note so you could see why this book would apply to any of us doing this challenge.

Starting the book made me nervous. After the author's note completely pegging my personality, I'm now, slowly, making my way through the book page by page. It's definitely a reality check.

Deep breath...and...begin.

I'll definitely be writing in my journal about how transparent I am and how I thought that my personality was unlike any other and how I make excuses for putting everyone else before me.