Coffee, latte art, amazing hot cocoa, wine and even beer. Don't all of those things sound like the most perfect day? Full Steam Bistro just became our neighbors and we want to welcome them to town. 


A local coffee place popped up across from us (920 E. Park Blvd, Boise), and we got curious. Naturally. We poked around, did a little research and were standing at their doors right when they opened.


They didn't disappoint. When you head in, they will fancy up your latte with foam art, serve you the best tasting coffee and offer a variety of the yummiest treats. Stay long enough, you can order beer and/or wine.


Holiday drinks? Okay. I mean, seriously. These are heaven.


Everyone deserves a rose! Come enjoy our Pistachio Rose Latte during the holidays! And don't forget that our 16 ounce bags of coffee makes the perfect stocking stuffer!!

Posted by Full Steam Bistro on Monday, December 7, 2015



To keep us all snuggly and in the Christmas mood, Full Steam dropped by with coffee, cocoa, sugars and whipped cream. They act all breezy like it's something they pulled together. It was wonderful - especially when we mixed coffee and cocoa and added a bit of whipped cream.


Do yourself a favor and stop by Full Steam Bistro and at least try one of their holiday drinks.