Wedding season is upon us and let's be honest, taking a dude to a wedding or being someone's wedding date is a big step in a relationship.  It doesn't seem like C.J. in Meridian is ready to make that step yet.

This is the e-mail I got from C.J. (way to protect your identity!) over the weekend:

Dear Keke,

I’ve been dating a guy who I’ll call Mitch for nine months, and recently I’ve been feeling like the relationship isn’t going to work out. He’s a great guy, but this isn’t a love connection for me. The problem is that his best friend is getting married in June, and I’m invited to the wedding. So my question is: what’s worse, dumping a guy before his best friend’s wedding, or lying about my feelings until after the wedding and then dumping him? I’m lost.

C.J. in Meridian

Help a sister out.  What do you think C.J. should do?