I'm still geeking out over Fox's killer live adaptation of Grease!  Did you catch these differences between the movie and live version?

Different Songs

Little did I know until an hour into the show that my boyfriend played Kenickie in his High School's production of Grease, so he wasn't surprised by a few songs I didn't recognize in last night's production! "Those Magic Changes," sung by Jordan Fisher as Doodie and "Freddie, my love" sung by Keke Palmer as Marty were originally included in stage production, but were disguised in other ways in the Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta Movie.  "All I Need Is An Angel" sung by Carly Rae Jepsen as Frenchy was created especially for the FOX version, since Frenchy never had a solo song.

Sandy's Not From Australia?

We were finishing up dinner when the musical started so I wasn't sure I heard Sandy right when she said her family had to go back to Salt Lake City after her summer at the beach, but it turns out that I did hear that correctly.  I was also confused as all get out that her last name was "Young" instead of "Olsson."  According to Bustle, in the original stage version of Grease, Sandy is an American teen who's last name was "Dumbrowski."  They changed her name and back story in the movie so Olivia Newton John could keep her accent.

Censored Lyrics

A few of my friends are as nerdy about Grease as I am so I wasn't shocked when one of them texted me "They changed the lyrics to Greased lightning! Lol."  They did indeed.  In the FOX version the "chicks will scream" and it's a real "dragon wagon."  They also omitted a Russian curse word that Rizzo sings during "Sandra Dee."

Jan's Famous Line Was Cut

"See a penny, pick it up.  All day long you'll have good luck."  One of the T-Birds said this last night before the race on Thunder Road and I was like "Wait, what? No! That's Jan's line!"

No Flying Car

I wondered if this was because of all the rain in LA during the broadcast last night, but I think they just plain cut it out since the cast did take a magic gold cart ride to the outdoor carnival after "You're The One I Want."