As we walked through Idaho's Largest Garage Sale on Saturday, I kept coming across the old VHS tapes that I'm fairly sure my dad still owns from when we were kids.  It might be time to bust those out and study up!

I grew up on Disney everything! I was Jasmine and Belle for Halloween. My dad made over the top Disney "trading" cards for all of our friends that came to our birthday parties.  There are videos of my sister and I performing classic Disney soundtrack songs for our parents.  You get the idea.

So it's no surprise that when I heard Piper Pub was hosting "When You Wish Upon A Bar" I was totally in! The downtown bar is holding a very special trivia night on Thursday, June 2nd! Every question is Disney themed.  Most of the questions will only be about the movies produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios that were released in theaters, but the 8th round has questions about everything Disney! So if you still have that Disney Afternoon cassette tape it might be time to pull it out and sing along for a bit!

Admission is $5 and there's a cash pot for the winning team.