One of my friends are headed to Las Vegas this weekend. She was telling me about her plans and what not when she arrives in Sin City, Las Vegas. One thing truly stuck out to  me, and I had to stop her mid-sentence.

I have to get pack my "Vegas Clothing"!

I thought this was interesting, and of course my mind started going! I'm curious,  do ladies have a suitcase labeled "Las Vegas" packed away for no one to see, just in case the girlfriends decided to hop on the next plane to Las Vegas?? If so, what is in this "Las Vegas" suitcase?? What kind of shoes, dresses, baiting suits...etc! Are these things that you don't wear out to a social gathering in your hometown?? Living in Las Vegas, I know that ALL the nightclubs have super strict dress codes. It keeps the "night-life" looking sexy and youthful! I cam across this article on "Las Vegas Dress Codes" that clubs, pools, etc all go by in the city of Las Vegas. More than welcome to check it out here!

Are ladies pulling out their "A Game" in Las Vegas or do they bring their "XXX Game"?? This can go for any vacation/clubby area in the US! Do you want to be a different person on vacation with your girlfriends?? Wild-out a bit?? Or, do you just DO YOU and not care what anyone really thinks and stick to you comfortable style! I mean this could change as the first "Vacation Hangover" starts to disappear, and someone got a VIP table and a bottle at some club on the strip...and you want to look "Vegas-Made"....but, anyway I am just curious! you have a secret "Las Vegas" wardrobe??