Highs for Saturday and Sunday are about to plummet into the teens, which will make it even harder for the crew at one of the Treasure Valley's humane society to keep their dogs paws warm. 

According to KIVI-TV, the West Valley Humane Society started having problems with a boiler unit that heats the floors of the dog kennel in mid-November.  It finally gave out last week and now it could take weeks for their replacement from New York to arrive.

The board doesn't expect it to arrive until early January, so they need all the help they can finding ways to keep their animals warm.  They've seen some aid in the form of space heaters on loan from Tates and Root Rents.

The community is also welcome to help with the effort by donating any towels or blankets they might have laying around. Those donations can be dropped off at the shelter at 5801 Graye Lane in Caldwell.  If you don't have any blankets or towels, a cash donation would help pay for the propane and oil needed to keep the rental heaters running until the new boiler arrives. Donations can be made through a GoFundMe page set up for the shelter.