Ever wanted to give Donald Trump a heart transplant? Brain transplant? Give him a heart of GOLD. Thanks to the guys at Bossa Studios, you can right from your computer. Just in time for the election! Click here for a scoupal.

Trump is your Republican candidate for the President of the United States. It's done. Love him or hate him, this is not a reality show. Donald Trump is a heartbeat away from taking permanent residency in the White House. This is just beginning. I mean we don't REALLY know what's happening with Bernie or Hillary. The "Bern-Nation" refused to go home and that just leaves us with a lot of time, for surgery.

This is real and not a gimmick. Bossa Studios created a game in 48 hours that became a 48 day project by popular demand. You can do whatever you want to Trump. Give him a heart of gold transplant, kidneys, move a few ribs or just make a mess. I'm sure there is a version for every candidate coming to a PC/Mac/Ipad near you!

Behold! The Donald Trump Surgeon Simulator.