Why does this just not seem fair to me?

Driver Cited

KTVB is reporting that a driver was cited after accidentally hitting the small air plane that landed on I-84 during morning rush hour on Tuesday.  Dao Nguyen was driving to Mountain Home to go fishing when he heard his truck hit something on his right side.  When his wife told him it was an airplane, he didn't believe her.  The lights on the plane had gone out due to engine failure and Nguyen didn't see it as he drove by.

Upon looking at the damage, he noticed that his front headlight was broken and his side mirror had been ripped off.  There were still pieces of fiberglass from the plane lodged in his vehicle.  When he called police to report the damage they ended up citing him for leaving the scene of an accident.  Nguyen did have a point though.  He said while driving he could keep his eyes on the road, but wasn't checking up in the sky for an aircraft.

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