This seems like one of those far fetched Missed Connections you'd see on Craigslist that has you wondering "is this story real?"  This story is 100% real and happened to one of my Facebook friends last weekend. 

When I saw the KTVB story I instantly recognized the name Tricia Gillaspy as one of my Facebook friends and sure enough she had posted a ton of pictures of the havoc that went on in her kitchen last Sunday morning.

Tricia and her husband Jake were sleeping when an intoxicated, 25-year-old Matthew Coomes wandered into their home through an unlocked back door.  They found him standing butt naked walking into their bedroom.  Tricia's screams sent him running into another bedroom where he ended up putting his shorts back on.  Her husband jumped out of bed and grabbed their gun because he had no clue who the man was or why he was in the brand new home they'd only been living in for two days.  He was able to force the man out into their yard until police arrived.

While in their home Coomes flooded the kitchen by shoving the sink sprayer in a drawer on full power.  He also took a dump on the floor and smeared it on the walls.  It was pretty gross so I'm gonna pass on sharing the pictures.

The most upsetting part of the ordeal?  Coomes was simply taken home and cited with two misdemeanors by the officer that came to the home.  Eventually, Kuna police said the responding officer should have been arrested, but the responding officer would've had to tell the Gillapsy's that could only be done if they wanted to make a citizen's arrest on the misdemeanor charges.  They're doing an internal investigation to include things they learned from this bizarre crime in their training.

Coomes will likely be charged with felony malicious injury to property since the damage seems to be around $5,000.  He doesn't have any idea how his "number two" got on the carpet or why his clothes ended up on the floor.

Check out Tricia's account of the story on KTVB Idaho's News Channel 7 below: