Should you get a nice camera phone to take those amazing moments or an expensive camera? Both are expensive so take a look at some photos I took and you be the judge before dropping all that money.

Christmas is just weeks away and what's the one thing we all have in common? PICTURES! We'll be taking pictures of food, presents, wrapping, snow, simple selfies, selfies with Turkey, selfies with a Turkey half eaten, and you get the point.

Add all those things up and in the end, there's just some things a smartphone can't do right?

I've posted some pictures from both my iPhone and DSLR. You be the judge and mabye that will help you in deciding. I'm NO professional photographer. I have been looking for awhile and can tell you it doesn't matter. If you're a great photographer, you can shoot on anything.

You would be surprised how many of these Christmas type villages are EVERYWHERE now. This specific set of pieces I got from Walmart. Very inexpensive and our son loves them. My first choice was at Costco for $99 and their holiday village sold-out almost immediately.

These photos taken above were actually ALL from my Iphone. I could post up the photos from my DSLR, but my point is that a phone can take just as good of pictures. I think the only time it's that important is when you need a good zoom lens or to blow up photos. The one difference you'll notice is that if you zoomed in on these shots - you'd see the pixels. The higher quality camera you have with lens and your zoom would blow your mind. That's just my opinion from a rookie.

If you're looking for something that shoots good video, the Iphone shoots 4k. I also have a Nikon that shoots TERRIBLE video because it won't focus. I also have a Sony 6300 that shoots 4k and it's focus is so fast. The sony is much lighter than the Nikon and that's all I know, Ha! I'm so new at it but the Iphone can really shoot beautiful video and pictures. Sorry to my Samsung/Google/New MOTO peeps. I just don't have experience with those.