This creepy little elf is the best behavior monitor in our house. I seriously threaten my child with it on a regular basis. "CHIPPY WILL TELL SANTA YOU DID THAT!" Each morning he does something new and I seem to want to top it every time. 

There are templates to make you look like a more creative parent if you'd like them. I'm here to help (because I needed help, too). Each template can be found HERE.


As far as Christmas goes, this isn't all. We have the Christmas movie schedule, holiday themed events in the Treasure Valley and more added every day. Don't forget to bookmark THIS PAGE and check back daily.

  • 1

    Barista Elf

    It's all about the cup sleeves with this one. Cut away at those leftover sleeves (even if they have coffee on them).


    How to do it: BARISTA ELF

    Barista Elf
  • 2

    Slumber Party Elf

    Bunk beds, Monopoly and toys all over the floor are the perfect makings of a great slumber party.


    How to do it: SLUMBER PARTY ELF

  • 3

    Basketball Elf

    It's amazing what can be created out of printed paper, some jingle bells and shoe keychains. BOOM a basketball playing elf. Oh, and a toilet paper roll.


    How to do it: BASKETBALL ELF

  • 4

    Elf the Artist

    Just like Bob Ross, this elf pretty much put everyone else to shame with his mad art skillz. Okay, not really. Kids are impressed, though. So was I when I found all the little things at Walmart for something like $1.


    How to do it: ELF THE ARTIST

  • 5

    Camping Elf

    Snow? What snow? Oh please. Nothing stops this elf from camping while it's frigid temperatures and snowy.

    He's not human, that's why. Did you think I was one of those crazy moms? Don't worry, I am only a little.


    How to do it: CAMPING ELF

  • 6

    Trippin Elf

    The day after a flight is always the most brutal. If only we could just leave a sign and crash on the couch after eating a whole box of Oreos.


    How to make this: CRASH ON THE COUCH ELF

  • 7

    Movie Night Elf (Bachelor Elf)

    During Elf season a couple of years ago, the Bachelor was on. Our elf (in my head) was torn between two lovers (I was getting bored of elf setups at this point so I made up a story). What is the elf to do? Always go to the roses. " ____ do you accept this rose?"

    The Bachelor is classic TV.


    How to do this: ELF THE BACHELOR

  • 8

    Elf Pays the Bills

    I thought part of the joy in being an elf (also a kid) is that there are no responsibilities. Like, zero. I guess we've got ourselves an overachiever, here. Either that, or I found some pretty rad printables.


    How to make it: ELF PAYS THE BILLS

  • 9

    Elf the DJ

    You've heard of Elf FM radio, right? This was just one of those things I did to challenge myself. There's really no rhyme or reason but I was pretty proud of how it turned out. My son's reaction, "Meh."

    He keeps me humble.

  • 10

    Love-Torn Elf in the Bakery

    What does one do when he can't decide between two women? Both of the elves are in love with him but he has to choose. He can't continue on like this. It's a massive distraction in his life.

    Just a side note: I've clearly lost my mind.

  • 11

    Elf Laundry Day

    Why is everything miniature so cute? An entire laundry room? I mean, stop! I just had to. I may have been somehow strangely connected to second grade because this whole printing out templates, folding and creating scenes is fun to me.

    I may need help. It's okay to agree.


    Here's how to do it: LAUNDRY DAY ELF

  • 12

    Elf Escapee

    What happens when you have things set up one morning for the kid(s) to see but then sleep in and/or forget all about it the next day? You just take the elf away from everything and say he escaped (or never came back).

    You're welcome.

  • 13

    Workshop Elf

    Santa isn't the only one with a workshop. Shewwwt.

  • 14

    Elf in the Shower

    Turns out, the elf's hat is glued on to his hair. Whoops. Other than that, this was one of the most simple setups.


    How to make this: ELF IN THE SHOWER

  • 15

    Elf on a Scooter

    Scooter or a hoverboard. All you need are Legos! Keep it very now but don't forget to shove wire in your elf's legs and arms so they can stand up at least overnight.


    Here's how to do this: ELF ON A SCOOTER

  • 16

    Welcome Back Elf

    This elf now has a friend. I'm about to get rid of him, though, because he provides absolutely nothing other than existing.

  • 17

    Elf in Love

    Talk about the most stressful night ever. My son loses a tooth and is talking about his tooth fairy Gwen AND the fact that his elf, Chippy, will meet Gwen. Oh great. I started sweating so I merged their worlds.

  • 18

    Elf Upset Over Kobe's Announcement

    Kobe Bryant announced that it's his last year playing basketball. An emotional poem was released after the announcement. This elf is super emo over it all.

  • 19

    Grocery Shopping Elf

    To have the metabolism of this freaking elf. Right? Is it bad to be jealous of his cute puffy vest?

  • 20

    Elf the Mechanic

    Just a couple small leaks and new parts and we should be good to go.

  • 21

    Elf Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap

    The elf doesn't always have fun. Especially when your child is a massive butt the entire day before. So, just like a Christmas Story, he's suggesting my son wash his mouth out with soap. Geez. No kidding.

  • 22

    Elf Donut Break

    Dear Cheerio, thank you for being available at such a low price so we can turn you into elf donuts.

  • 23

    Elf Cutting Snowflakes

    This is what you do on a day of panic with your elf. Cut small snowflakes and lean the elf against the wall then throw your scraps down. There you have it.

  • 24

    Candy Shop Elf

    Winco downtown Boise saved me on this one. I was walking to the deli section and this little candy holder caught my eye. The best part about it is that I paid less than $5 for it. Thank you, Winco.

    This year's elf situation has been the struggle bus express. I'm thinking of ideas the day of and am setting it up around 1am. The payoff is totally worth it, though. My son gets so excited!

  • 25

    Elf in a Photo Booth

    Oh, Tawsha, how on earth did you create this cute photo booth? Wow, you must have amazing design skills or creative ideas every single day.

    Are you thinking that?

    Oh good, it's what I'd hoped for.

    I didn't create this photo booth on my own. I found the template on, printed it, cut it out and folded the sides. I just needed to add tape, tissue paper for the door and a glass of wine (for me).