Eminem just made history again. The rapper will be the first hip-hop act to headline London's Wembley Stadium, the famed arena featuring lauded artists The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones.

Not only will the show be a huge victory for hip-hop, it'll also be a colossal win for Eminem. According to the MC, the British powers that be didn't want him to play a large-sized concert in London. He was initially set to perform in Hyde Park, but he failed to get approval.

"I heard that I wasn't going to be approved to play in Hyde Park and it made me even more excited to play in London this summer," said the lyrical powerhouse. "The easiest way to get me to do something is to tell me I can't do it. Thanks to the Royal Parks for making it all possible for Wembley."

But will this concert open the doors for other rappers to play Wembley Stadium? Only time will tell.

Tickets go on sale May 9, and the concert will be held on July 11.