When Coldplay was announced to perform at the 50th Super Bowl halftime, some were excited and the rest were yawning. UNTIL NOW. There have been more performers announced and the show just got one million times better with these added to the lineup!

Before anyone was announced, I was saying that the NFL had better make the right decision when it came to halftime performers because it's their 50th year and there are a lot of artists.

We had a slight hiccup when it came to our faith in the NFL but they have definitely earned it back.

Remember this:


and then also this:



Guess what? It's happening again! Entertainment Tonight has confirmed that Beyonce will be joining Coldplay for the halftime show. Eh hem. I think it's more like Coldplay gets to share the stage with Queen Bey. Who else?



The next performer is only one of the greatest and most watched halftime performers...BRUNO MARS! This news is breaking on NFL, Entertainment Tonight and band fan sites all over. I can't keep up.