Everybody eats in the bathtub. It doesn't have to be cereal or toast or a take-out meal like me but there's something all of us take to our bubble bath and eat. Chris doesn't believe me. 


Here are a list of things I've eaten in the bathtub in my lifetime (from memory):

  • Cereal
  • Steak
  • Tacos
  • Take-out
  • Popsicle
  • Angel food cake (with toppings)
  • Cupcake
  • Chocolate
  • Dots (candy)
  • Sandwich


So, basically everything. At first it was something I did because I grabbed whatever I was doing and escaped to the bath. Then it became something where I grabbed a book and just ate food.

Now that I'm typing this, I'm seeing that it seems really gross. Do you eat in the bathtub? What are your thoughts on this?