Bernie's in town today! Hillary had Michelle Kwan speak on her behalf last week! These rallies have been building excitement for Tuesday's Democratic Caucus! Here's everything you need to know about how to participate in the event!

What is a caucus?

Instead of just casting a ballot like the GOP did on March 8th, the caucus features people giving speeches on behalf of their candidate, debate and discussion before taking a final vote.

Who can go to the caucus?

The caucus is a lot more open than the GOP primary. Anyone who's eligible to vote in the November 8th election can be part of the process. You don't have to be registered to vote yet. If you turn 18 before November 8th, you're also invited. The Dems expect a large turn out so they suggest you reserve a seat at

What's the deal with this convention stuff?

The Dems also pick the delegates that get to go represent their candidate at the Democratic National Convention in Philly this July during the caucus. If you want to go, ask your fellow supporters to choose you during the county caucus. Get selected, repeat the process at the state convention and you could be Philly bound.

Where is the caucus?

In Ada County, Dems caucus at the Boise Center. In Canyon County, the caucus is held at Sage Valley Middle School.

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