The latest installment of the Fast and Furious series opens this weekend minus the star of the show. Early ticket sales show that the fans want to see what's next and we've got the free passes all weekend! 

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It started with these two guys both taking their careers to the next level. Vin Diesel (left) took roles in Boiler Room and lead in The Chronicles of Riddick. Paul Walker (right) has been on the big screen since his Highway to Heaven days back in 1985, the quarterback heartthrob in Varsity Blues to eventually the movie that would captivate audiences and create a dynasty, The Fast and the Furious.

Fast forward 17 years and this iconic, bad boy entrenched, full-throttle attitude, with the typical love story continues to thrill. This is one set of movies that will not go away and why would we EVER want it to. Furious 7 would be Paul Walker's last film. Walker died the same way some of his movie villains did in those movies. A car crash would claim his life and give birth to one of the best songs of all time. Charlie Puth, a young Youtube star, would tap Wiz Khalifa to drop a few lines in One Call Away.

This video has almost 3 Billion views.

We wanted to make this weekend a Free and Furious three days. The Fate Of The Furious is out this weekend and the buzz is crazy! Win your free passes to the movie, the soundtrack to F8, and you'll be qualified to Slide into some new Calvin Harris headphones by Sol Republic.

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Check out these hot photos from the Fate Of The Furious red carpet. You will even notice a throwback Boise Music Festival artist at the premier.