Looking through the "people you may know" section on Facebook and see a face that you thought you were friends with on Facebook?  What gives?! Well, there's a new app that will let you know daily who bounced your booty from their newsfeeds!

This app had a previous incarnation, but the newly revamped app "Who Deleted Me" has just hit iOS, Android and the Google Chrome Browser.  You simply download the app, click "show me who" and it'll give you a list of the people that deleted you since (or Facebook in general) since the last time you logged in.  Unfortunately, if you're trying to nail down exactly when your ex's fam decided to cut social media ties from you this app doesn't work retroactively.  It'll only tell you who unfriended you from the time you downloaded the app on.

If you're someone with a small Facebook circle, this app could be kind of traumatizing but ask yourself "why are these people deleting me?"  The biggest reasons users give for bouncing a friend are frequent/unimportant posts, polarizing posts about politics and religion, inappropriate sexist or racist comments or an obnoxious amount of life posts about your kid, spouse or eating habits.  Users are also more likely to give the axe to people they new in High School more than those from work, college or past relationships.