The wedding has come and gone with a magical trail of memories by one of the best photographers in the world. Please witness the first photo gallery from our amazing wedding in Oakley, Idaho, where Paige grew up.

Saturday, August 20, I finalized my love with an amazing woman. Paige Washburn is officially part of the "Luv" family and I can't be more proud to call her my wife. Things moved so slow as the week began and then just flew by in minutes.

I was fortunate enough to be standing next to my best friend and best man, Chris Stewart. You might know him as Lucky Tha Dj. He flew in for a surprise dinner on Thursday, picked me up where all the groomsmen, Michelle Heart, Chris Cruise, Mateo and one of my longest friends (VP of Programming for Townsquare Media Boise) Kevin Godwin all attended. I can't tell you what it meant to see my closest friend after these few years and my boss sitting at a table.

Kevin is a close friend of mine, but also my boss. It's always hard to be close with your employees because you have to keep that space in there. It's my job to push KG for as much as I can and it's his job to push back. Kevin sat me down after the first year I got to Boise and helped me work out my credit woes with a detailed plan. That man has never once mentioned time off, hospital away moments or having to leave last minute. He has been the most loyal manager and mentor in my career. He picked up the tab for our entire party, ordered shots, made a toast and showed up to our wedding. Class act. Very proud to work for him.

Lucky is simply my boy. Ride or die as we say. We fight like little kids when it comes to our jobs, but only to be the best. He also just had a little girl and I'm proud of him to the fullest. Chris is an awesome dad and also getting married next year. I'll be giving that speech at his wedding! Michelle Heart is one of the boys as she was invited to celebrate the occasion with us. There is not doubt she's one of the boys, but respected by all of us as an amazing woman and co-worker.

I was flanked by my groomsmen that included the coolest brother-in-laws, drinking in crime buddy Mike and the best marketing director in the world, Joe.

My mom flew in from Houston and got to me her grandson for the first time and it was awesome to see her and hear all the stories with her husband.

I will get into more detail about the breathtaking location, Paige's parents and those beautiful bridesmaids in the next photo blog coming soon. There were so many cool moments that I can't fit into one blog because let's be honest, you're attention span just won't tolerate it!

So, let's give you these photographs. The story behind them is another magical wonder. Todd Meier is a world renowned photographer and just happens to be a family friend. We are only so fortunate to have his lens on our memories. This guy knows how to capture magical moments. Todd, we love you and can't wait to see the rest. Here's a sneak peek at what we've seen.

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