I wanted to share a little bit of why I'm so excited about the changes coming to FitOne and why I hope you'll join me and the 103.5 KISS FM Heart Breakers.

"Blisters heal, muscles recover, friendships last forever."  For some reason, those words on that little purple t-shirt made me tear up a little bit as I handed over my "celebration cash" to buy it at the Women's Fitness Celebration Expo two years ago.  I think it's because I realized how true those words are.

I've been a runner for 13 years now and some of my fondest memories in life are of the people I've run with.  It's the stories of those late evening high school track meets where we achieved miracles against our rivals when we were told it was a statistical impossibility. Or those inspirational stories of extraordinary cancer victims/survivors we heard about before putting in 20 miles on a Saturday morning with Boise Team In Training. Or the completely ridiculous story of the time two of my training partners and I were almost arrested for filling up our water bottles on a horse ranch on a 90º day somewhere in the middle of our 19 mile death run out on Cartwright road. I want to share that with my kids one day.

That's why I'm so glad that the Women's Fitness Celebration tradition has evolved into FitOne and is giving the whole family the chance to experience these kind of moments with each other and new friends.  This year FitOne has expanded to include everybody: men, women and children and will give them a chance to run/walk a distance they feel most comfortable taking on: 5K, 10K or the brand new Half-Marathon.  The best part is while you're creating these life long friendships with the people you're preparing for the race with, you'll also be helping raise money for the St. Luke's Children's hospital just by making the commitment of signing up for a race!

I, along with Kekeluv, Lucky Tha DJ and Huggie would be incredibly honored if you, your family and friends wanted to take on the race on the 103.5 KISS FM Heart Breakers Team!  As my commitment to you and your goals, I've put together a FREE half-marathon training plan for those wanting to take on the longer distance! This plan is easy and it can take you from the couch to successfully complete running or walking 13.1 miles.  It also includes routes for Saturday long walk/runs from Municipal Park that I'm hoping we'll be able to enjoy together once or twice.  The 5K and 10K participants are more than welcome to check it out too and turn around early! The runs are really beautiful and most of them pop up in one of the three runs in one form or another.

To join our team follow these steps:
1) Visit the registration page at FitOneBoise.org
2) Click join a team
3) Type 103.5 KISS FM Heart Breakers in the search box
4) Complete the registration process

Thanks for taking the time to learn about FitOne and I look forward to joining you on the Greenbelt/trails and creating some friendships that last forever with you!

<3 Michelle Heart