The new 103.5 KISS-FM app is here and it's everything you've been asking for and more! There is honestly so much offered on our app - you just need to download it and explore for yourself. However, we do want to showcase our top five features we think you should know about! Hint: You'll be able to win big! 


The new 103.5 KISS-FM mobile app is finally here! We've been working with our innovative digital KISS CREATORS and Phoneworks Voice and Data Solutions for years on the development of this new app. The original Radiopup app was just temporary until we could get the rights to launch more than a prototype. We still have a few features that are in progress, so definitely keep an eye out for all of the amazing new features that will be popping up!

The Top Five Things That Make the KISS App Great

Alerts: I think this is one of the best features on the new Kiss App. You can decide who you want to be notified by regarding breaking news. Choose your favorite radio personalities and other info you want to be customized. Love Kekeluv and what he loves to talk about regarding his son, family, child abuse prevention, relationships, new music? Put a check next to Keke's name. Need weather or traffic alerts? What about new concert announcements? This is the closest alternative to us personally texting you!


Stream: Instant streaming of 103.5 KISS-FM Boise's #1 Hit Music Station. That includes ways to share songs playing, purchasing and getting more info. Need to get some work done while streaming? Close out and work while the 103.5 KISS-FM streams in the background. The quality of the stream will have your car lit on HD.



Call 103.5 KISS-FM: This is one of the better features for our contest players and active listeners. You can call directly from the streaming screen by selecting the ✆ icon. Say HELLO to more winning! You won't need to find redial or remember the phone number. Simply click the ✆ icon and let the winning begin!



Kiss or Diss Feature: Love the song that is playing? KISS it by clicking . Are you sick of the song, click the . It's that easy to help us decide what we should play or drop at your own fingertips. We often try to figure out what you love to hear. Most of the time we hear the song a million times more and that means we might get tired of it that much faster. This feature makes you the music coordinator. We want your picks!



Treasure Valley Events/News: Find out what's happening here by clicking on the news feature. Look at the new concerts coming or find out how to win those Boise Music Festival tickets. Where's the Kiss Squad at today? News/Events feature is all you need. We filter all the news in the city that makes sense to you and compiles a master list each day by hundreds of contributors!