Tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for! The Boise River will be open for floating and there ARE some things you should be aware of before you make your way out.  Below are some of the most important things I suggest noting. There is a complete list provided by the city, HERE.

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    Drop In

    Drop-In at Barber Park.  This is where everyone starts the float and most importantly, all of the resources you will need are here, too. From free parking to unloading areas, this is your spot to start floating.

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    Alcohol? Not Allowed

    Open containers on the river will get you cited, however beer and wine are allowed within Boise Parks. Keep your containers closed and enjoy a beer at the finish line.

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    Caution When Jumping

    If you're like me, jumping from an occasional bridge is always fun.  While doing so isn't illegal, it IS illegal to jump within 50 feet of another tube (for the safety of everyone).  Make sure you're paying attention to your surroundings and even if it's clear to jump--look out for your safety, too.

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    Lost & Found

    Try and keep important personal belongings safe in your car when you drop in, but if you do lose something on the river there is a lost & found system in place.  Your first step is to call Boise Parks and Recreation at (208) 608-7600.  Boise River Volunteers also dive for valuables and you can check that out HERE.