We all judge even though we say we don't. It's just what happens whether you talk about it or just think it. We're human. I've always said that any so called, "player" could be tamed by the right person. Sometimes it's not about the circumstance, but about the time in that person's life. This quote is awesome!

"Don't judge a book by it's cover" is a quote that's been around forever. This one is similar and very well put. I don't know who said it, but it's a keeper.

Do not judge

my story by

the chapter

you walked

in on.


We all go through things in life that nobody really understands right? We're unique. Individual. You could be struggling right now, fresh out of a relationship, an emotional mess and just not really you. Don't judge that person because you don't know who she/he is going through right now. You don't know what happened when she woke up this morning. It's easy to judge when the sun is out and you're life is good. I challenge you to give that other person a break. If anything, ask how they are.

We make mistakes as we graduate to different stages in our lifetime. Some people were blessed with better attributes than others. If you see a woman that might be struggling with her weight don't be so immediate in trashing her looks. Things happen in life and they are unparalleled. That woman could of had complications, husband left her struggles are something you will never understand. In the end people figure it out.

Love vs. hate is a powerful thing.