The Olympics are coming to an end, and I wanted to leave you with my final quote of the week themed around the Summer Games in Rio. Today's quote comes from a heroic demonstration of leadership and what the Olympic Games represent in some people's minds. This was an incredible moment.

I think competition is what's it's about. Some people are freaks about competing, and it's every person for themselves. I believe that this is a testament to what's most important in a worldwide event televised for everyone to see. You represent your country and Olympian, Nikki Hamblin and Abby D'Agostino made us all have just a little more hope for humanity this week. These two women sacrificed their races to help each other up from terrible falls during a women's 5000.

This may not mean much to some people, but I applaud sacrificing your Olympic time to assist another competitor. Two different countries, two different women, but one surprising outcome - GREATNESS.