Here's a Friday quote to take into the weekend and never forget. This was given as a wedding gift and I love it.


Here's something a really good friend sent for our wedding. I think this is something that everyone should read, but also live by. We work so much and in today's ever growing technological lives, we forget to take a break.

Think about this for a second and I'll let you figure out whether I'm crazy or not. I'm REQUIRED to write these posts each day and follow a certain number of blogs each week.  I'm ALREADY a work-a-holic, but now requirements extend over the weekend. The funny things is that we already do that. This isn't anything new to us, but now it's required to post these stories over the weekend. While I understand why it's important, it just adds more work on our plates that doesn't really ever give us space. Nobody tells you to work over a weekend which means you need to double up to prepare for a weekend that you are already working on. Sooner or later you risk the burnout factor.

Each person has their work stories right? Well, getting the right camera on the new phone with the faster network just enables you to work from anywhere you are. We're our worst enemy on these things. We want all this technology, but now we're being held hostage by owning it. I watched our night guy Mateo send emails back and forth today when it could have been handled with one call. I have an executive who was complaining about people not responding to her time sensitive emails when she needs an answer in one hour. I suggested if it was that important to just call one of the three managers and that's when the general manager cut me off without listening. He went on to say it wasn't acceptable, tell your people to respond. That means the management team EXPECTS you to be looking at your emails every few minutes. This is the world we live in.

Look, I'm not much of a writer and I guess I do the best I can. I'm extremely passionate, and that's why I take so much pride in work. You have to be careful, and that's what I caution for you. Don't live to work. Work to live. Smell the roses. Listen to nature. Stare at beauty. Enjoy a walk. We are so blessed that if we're lucky enough to have all these senses, that's a blessing all in its own. Savor the moments and remember this...