This is a simple quote that I didn't borrow, steal or stumble across. This is mine and something I share with all my staff. I live by this quote. 

This quote is the basis of how I live my life and something I pass on to others. My staff works with this same attitude and mentality.

“There is NEVER a NO or CAN’T.” - Kekeluv

For instance: The Cleveland Cavaliers just won the NBA Championship. Statistics say it’s impossible that a team that was down 3 games to 1 will come out victorious. That means Cleveland would have to win 3 straight games against, arguably, the best basketball team in history. If the Cavaliers had believed that then what's the point of even playing the rest of the series right? But, they didn’t. They believed that game by game they could win and that's exactly what happened. The words No and Can’t didn’t mean anything to them. They defied history and all the critics because they BELIEVED in themselves.

If you have faith and believe in yourself - you can accomplish anything. If you're in a bad relationship and that person consistently knocks your self esteem down, you might feel helpless. You might start believing that nobody will ever love you again. Don't let someone else decide how your story will end. If you’re always hesitate - you’ll stay right where you are. Go get it and really believe that today is the first day of the rest of your life.