This week kicked off with a brand new car won by Susan Needs and then we sent a whole slew of people to Ariana Grande then hooked up some Friends with Benefits with The Weeknd's new album. Plus, that sold out BSU vs. UW game - yep, we had a secret stash. There's more coming and it could be yours!


That's pretty much what happened! Congratulations to Susan Needs who took home the 2015 Mazda 3. If you missed how it all went down, click HERE for the play-by-play. She is so deserving of this car. Plus, TEAM Mazda Subaru paid for all the fees so the car was, in fact, totally FREE!



Ariana Grande's show at the Taco Bell Arena was PACKED last night! We were able to get those last-minute tickets and are so happy you all had such a great time! Tag us in your photos, friends!

  • Maria Soto
  • Jocelynn Silva
  • Jennifer Boessler
  • Courtney Zeff
  • Barbara Oldham
  • Raj Kayria
  • Veronica Granados


Ready for a shopping spree? Alli Wood was chosen out of thousands to shop WalMart without having to pull out her wallet. Get it, Alli!


Republic Records

The Weeknd released 'Beauty Behind the Madness' and we had full album downloads. Have you hear it? OH MY GOSH, THE ALBUM IS HOT! You have a chance to win a download (found some tucked away) by clicking HERE.

The people listening now:

  • Alisha Miller
  • Rochelle Transtrum
  • Briana Mejia
  • Allison Miller
  • Debbie Pisca
  • Tawnee Watkins
  • Erika Kloos
  • David Louder
  • Marlene Martinson
  • Shawanda Brown
  • Vanessa Moreno
  • Marissa Mireles
  • Darian Renee
At the most perfect time, The Weeknd releases his album and is performing within driving distance from us - in Seattle. The only "right" thing to do is get tickets to see The Weeknd and everyone else (eh hem - Ellie Goulding) at Bumbershoot. Guess who is driving to Seattle for Labor Day weekend?
  • Erica Garza
  • Heidi Larsen
  • Sara Nichols (happy birthday Sara's friend - enjoy the shows!)
credit: Loren Orr via Getty Images Sport
On Friday night, Amber watched the Broncos defeat the Huskies in the much-anticipated home-opener. What a game!