85 jobs are being created by this coming February that include high pay and benefits. Basically, it's what every single one of us wants this in a job.

The makers of GoGo SqueeZ has received funds from the Idaho Department of Labor to create up to 85 new jobs locally.

The positions created will be permanent, full-time jobs that pay an average of over $20 an hour and include benefits. The wages range from $12.00 - $50.00 per hour.


This information from the Idaho Press Tribune: Jobs include project, quality, reliability and continuous improvement engineers; production, maintenance and sanitation supervisors; operations, purchasing, engineering projects, talent acquisition, and fruit formulation and process managers; sanitation operators; operations associates and maintenance technicians.

Parents are extremely familiar with GoGo SqueeZ and could probably dig into their bag or purse and pull one out this second. I know I can.



We will keep you posted on when this positions become available and are ready for you to fill them.