All weekend long 103.5 KISS FM is hookin you up with cash! How? By UPGRADING!

Kindle Fire HDX = Upgrade
iPhone 5s and 5c = Upgrade
X Box One = Upgrade
Playstation 4 = Upgrade
iPad Air = Upgrade

Anyone notice a trend here?  Everyone's upgrading! It only seems right that it's time for us to upgrade too! That's why TODAY -  Thursday, October 31st - we moved from 103.3 to 103.5 KISS FM.  We've upgraded all of our equipment to sound even better for the Treasure Valley! We'll be the same radio station with Kekeluv, Michelle Heart, Lucky Tha DJ and Huggie, but it'll be 100 times better!

Be caller# 9 at (208) 384-1035 and you'll get PAID TO UPGRADE -  and you'll be $105 richer!