Exactly 16 days and counting till I take the largest step in my life, marriage. I'd like to take you back over the years and show you some of what you missed. You might even see yourself in some of these galleries! Come in.I arrived back in 2007 and it's crazy because I became a great organizer of memories. I documented and recorded EVERYTHING! Unfortunately, my hard drive crashed and I really could recover much more than some scrap files. That being said, let me take you back to where we started. I found some files and thought you might enjoy rolling down memory lane as I get ready to begin the next chapter in my life.

The original line-up when I started at Kissfm was as follows:

  • Hooker in the Morning with Chad - Mornings
  • Ryan Seacrest - Middays
  • Kekeluv - Afternoons
  • Lucky Tha Dj - Nights

I have soooo many stories yo! The most important thing is they were all great guys. I haven't seen Chad in years, but Hooker hung around for awhile and ended up in Salt Lake City. Hooker has become extremely successful in a new show as "Hooker and Brooke." You might catch his billboard if you're driving through. Super proud of him!

We switched up things and with no choice because I'm far from a morning person - I shifted to mornings and found a shining star still in college. This ladies name was Michelle. She was the first package I came across and knew it would be the final one. We hired Michelle to team up with myself in mornings and then the lineup changed again. We signed on Miggy Santos (who had been at heritage Magic across street for years) and found a kid out of Las Vegas, Nathan Fast.

  • Kekeluv in the Morning with Michelle Heart - Mornings
  • Miggy Santos - Middays
  • Lucky Tha Dj - Afternoons
  • Nathan Fast - Nights.

We had a pretty long run at #1 with this team and this group was damn impressive. We did massive events back when Twilight was a thing, the beginning of Live for 175, crazy club nights, 4th of July insanity, the ever popular Party Plane to Vegas and the list goes on. More importantly, this was a great family. Nathan Fast painfully left us for San Diego, L.A. and across the country in syndication on Iheart. We always said he would be the next Ryan Seacrest and now he shares a mic with him. He also just had a little baby!

The next chapters would only get bigger because we weren't done yet. We hired a crazy friend of ours named Huggie. I'll need much more time to explain this ride, but we attempted to do the impossible in a short amount of time. This team accomplished something that will probably never happen again. I'll get to that on Friday.

Enjoy some of these throwback shots.