It's officially legit in the next 17 days that we can get married in the State of Idaho. I had no idea you were supposed to apply for a marriage license BEFORE you hitched. Well, look what we did!

Holding up marriage license downtown.


It's officially unofficial! I mean we are legally allowed to now get married! I am obviously clueless to the fact that you even need a license to marry. Guess what, you do. If we went in reverse about 9 years ago, I would of never thought this would be possible. I honestly didn't think any of this would happen to me.

I really thought I would settle down one day, but with no kids at this point. I didn't even see a relationship in my near future with my schedule and just how my life has gone. This never seemed to be in the cards.


This is me running down the street to struggle to the 175-mile mark during our child abuse prevention campaign, Live for 175. I go back here and remember that my life was completely different. I think my credit was below 600 (don't judge me) and my interest rate on my car was unreal, broke eating ground beef wraps and had no furniture. That's a true story and my television was from Aarons's Rent To Own.


Everything you see in that terrible bedroom shot was a hand me down. Living like an animal with those sheets baby! Grrrrrrrrrrrr. If you go back even nine years ago life was completely different. I'll keep updating you on my life over the previous 9 years, but here's something that will make you be like, WHAAAAT?????

Things that happened when I started at 103.5 Kissfm - Boise's #1 Hit Music Station 9 years ago.

Iphone Debuts

Iphone First Edition Debuts



Paris Hilton Goes To Jail



Prince Performs Purple Rain In The Rain at the Superbowl



Britney Spears Goes On One Year Crazy Train



Miley Cyrus Still Has Braces



Akon Had 4 Songs In the Top 15