Over the next few weeks, I'll be introducing you to myself again as my life transforms. I came to Boise, a single guy with no kids or rings. That's not the case anymore, and it's time I took you back a few years to where it all started.

It's officially 18 days and counting till I get married to the most amazing woman I know. She (Paige) also gave me the most unbelievable blessing that I will EVER have with our son. This isn't exactly how it started almost ten years ago when I came to Boise

I was hired nearly ten years ago and actually got this job by accident. It just happened to be one of those circumstances where I flew in and fell in love with the city overnight. No joke. Lucky (assistant brand manager/night personality) and I moved her acquiring a morning show (Hooker in the Morning). I started in afternoons, and Lucky took over nights never looking back once. That's before our annual child abuse prevention campaign and before the madness even started.

Check back as we recap from where it all started including a very interesting cast of characters from Hooker in the Morning, Chad, Nathan Fast, Huggie, Lucky Tha Dj, Mijo to our current team with Cruise&Box, Michelle Heart, Mateo and myself. This will be an interesting ride for EVERYONE! I'm hoping we're just getting started and many crazy years will follow that should include you too.

18 days and counting...