I've been on-air for 2 months now and I think its time for the second round of getting to know me. I'm doing this so when you see me out and about we start up chatting like old friends about things we have in common,things you might like about me and things you dislike me.

1. I am a huge 49er's fan. I am from San Mateo, California and spent the first 20 years of my life around the 49er's. As a child for Halloween two years in a row, I dressed up as Jerry Rice because why wouldn't you. The best wide receiver to ever play the game, you et the costume was small on me but I rocked it. You know why because I have to rep my team and my childhood Sports figure. And just to clear the air I am not a fan of the Browns, Cowboys, Raider and Bears and especially the Seahawks.


2. I am a broken man. I am not trying to find sympathy, but I really am broken. I was born with a heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot, which means I was born with a literal hole in in the center of my heart. What would happen is that the blood would go through my heart to get oxygenated but would seep through and a lot of blood wouldn't get the oxygen it need. I would almost die on a consistent basis. Whew!!! Glad we got that fixed. The procedure had me at a 10% chance of survival but I made it. and because of this condition some organs didn't fully grow, which left me with one lung. Yup, 1 lung. Cray Cray. Other than that I am a pretty normal guy with a bunch of scars.


3. One thing on my bucket list is to climb Machu Pichu in Peru. Like I said in my previous "Getting To Know Me", I come from a hispanic household. my mom is from Guatemala and I have had the opportunity to go there a lot and travel my mothers homeland extensively. But she also gave a grandiose vision of latin America and made me want to explore more than just Guatemala. She always had me in awe of what the Inca empire accomplished in Peru and surrounding areas, but Machu Pichu is one of those underestimated locations of the world that has always had my attention. That fact that  a complete city was built a mile and half up a mountain in the 1300's astonishes me and makes me feel wonder about my latin american heritage.


4. I'm not the best reader or writer, I am visual person and need to see things. Always have been and always will be. I have tried to get back into reading and I am getting better, but one person who has caught my attention recently is a poet by the name of Christopher Poindexter. He is a young poet residiing in Florida and his poems just really connect with me. His instagram is dope and he just recently released a book of many of his poems. One of my favorite of his is: “Not only did I love her, but I could tell the universe loved her, too. More than others. She was different. After all; I would be a fool not to notice the way the sunshine played with her hair.” ― Christopher Poindexter All I have to say is follow him.

5. Lastly is as you guys get to know me, I want to get to know you as well. Without you I don't get to do what I do. I would love to get to know you better and I want you to see into my life a little more. My social media is right here.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and my snapchat name is Magicmijo.