As if this person hasn't already suffered a huge fall from grace this year, the Ashley Madison hack showed he spent over $1,000 trying to cheat on the mother of his four children.

That's right, admitted former child molester Josh Duggar's credit card information turned up in the data hackers leaked from the website best known for being the dating site for those seeking an extramarital affairs.  He had two accounts, one that tracked his credit card information back to his grandmother's home in Arkansas and another to his former home in Washington D.C.  The subscriptions were active from February 2013 until May 2015.  (He married wife Anna in 2008.)The second account included the option of paying $250 for Ashley Madison's guarantee of an affair with in three months.

According to his profile he was interested in naughty girls who were down for one-night stands with extended foreplay/teasing, were good with their hands and would experiment with sex toys.

This dude was a positive values advocate?  It's hard to believe. So I gotta long till Anna files for divorce?