A new law banning all hand-held use of cell phones while driving is now in effect in Hailey.

According to Idaho Mountain Express, drivers passing through Hailey are no longer allowed to hold their cell phones in their hands while they're driving.

This takes the Idaho state statute regarding texting and driving a step further.  Under the state statute, driver are not permitted to review or manually type text messages or e-mails while the vehicle is in motion. Drivers are still allowed to manually dial a call throughout most of the state.

However, in Hailey, you won't be allowed to make a call, search for an address in you map app or use any other function that requires your hands to be on the phone.  Drivers can still place calls using a hands-free Bluetooth device.  While the ban is now in effect, police will allow for a education period before starting to hand out citations. According to KTVB an exact enforcement date hasn't been picked yet.

Hailey joins Ketchum and Sandpoint in the ban of hand-held cell phone use while driving.

I have a really hard time getting Siri to call the right person in my phone while I'm using hands-free features in my car so I'm not a fan of a ban like this.  Because of the two hour time difference between here and my hometown, the only time I really have to return calls to my family back east is while I'm driving to and from work, a lunch break or between events.  I'd like to actually be able to look at my call menu to make sure I'm dialing the right person.  That said, I'm hoping a ban like this doesn't come to Boise. What do you think?