I live behind a Hastings and I can't tell you how many times I've gone there to grab a book or magazine to read by my pool or before I leave for a trip to visit family in Ohio.  I might not be able to enjoy having it so close to me much longer.

Hastings announced Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and will look for potential buyers for their stores after completing 20 store updates.  Filing for bankruptcy will allow the entertainment store to continuing serving their customers while they prepare for the sale.

So what does that mean for Hastings customers? According to the announcement on their website, these changes are now in place:

  • Hastings is not accepting or honoring deposits for future movie purchases.  If you have a deposit on a yet to be released to DVD/Blu-Ray film, that deposit can be used toward other purchases in the store.
  • Game rentals are no longer available.
  • Gift cards expire on July 13th, 2017.
  • The buyback program is suspended.

Hastings currently has stores on Boise Ave, Fairview and Overland in Boise, North Lakes Ave in Meridian and Caldwell Blvd in Nampa.